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This is one of the most significant changes I make, not only to the extension but also to the website. Starting with the extension, the most important is that now you can play with around 1400 Game Boy games, but the biggest change was internal, not seen with the naked eye, allowing a future rapid incorporation of other consoles.
On the other hand we have the total renovation of the site, adding the ability to translate to various languages (please contact me to give me a hand with the topic.)
Finally, and not least, add the donation button, because every time it is more difficult to keep the games, especially now with the introduction of Game Boy games. I promise to include other consoles even if they are viable donations.

List of changes:

  • Added 1400 Game Boy games
  • Important change in the structure of extension to accept future new consoles
  • Bug fixes and other minor changes.
  • It improves the compatibility with other extensions.
  • Option button next to the search
  • Credits in the options menu
  • New tab "Trash" with games that do not work
  • Now it focuses on the game if the window is already open
  • You can change the screen size (in the NES games are still flaws)
  • Now you can change the default controls that come
  • VNes emulator was updated to version 2.13



Hi, my firefox asked for an update and i did, and now firenes isn't working, by the look of it its not compatible, can i do something?