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Recently I uploaded to the server, so they should automatically update. I had it ready few months ago, but was postponed publication for various reasons, a little lack of time and a little for laziness.
You could say that the most important developments are 3: add a game search box, upgrade to the latest version of the emulator and I put the option to notify for when a game does not work. I hope you enjoy it, I leave you with the complete list of changes:

  • Add search bar as you type
  • Create a database to better manage the games list
  • Now opens the page with news updates every time
  • Update emulator to version 2.11
  • Reimplements and simplify the game notices that do not work
  • Add an option to notices of "recommend to top"
  • Fix several errors code
  • Improve compatibility with Firefox 3.5 .* and Linux distributions

Remember update your version of java to avoid problems.


Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you! - Berkbigler


Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on... - Goldmann


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